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German Propaganda Archive

Randall Bytwerk

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This archive of Nazi and East German Propaganda contains printed propaganda aimed at the German public, as well as posters and propaganda produced to guide the propagandists. The hundreds of documents are sorted first by time period—pre-1933, 1933-1945, and East German propaganda—and then by topic, for example “Anti-Semitic Material,” “Material on the United States,” “War Propaganda,” and “Visual Material.” Along with cartoons, photos, and postcards, this last section presents more than 100 enlargeable Nazi propaganda posters and can be accessed directly from the main page by clicking “posters” in the “Pre-1933 Material” section. The site also presents an archive containing 70 documents produced by Nazi Propaganda Minister Joseph Goebbels, including articles, pamphlets, and annual speeches in honor of Hitler’s birthday. The site is fully searchable, and the author encourages questions or feedback. See the FAQ section for an interesting explanation of the definition of “propaganda.”

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