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Canadian Letters and Images Project

Malaspina University, History Department

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The personal side of warfare is often ignored in discussions of military conflict, but this online archive seeks to rectify that omission by presenting thousands of documents surrounding individual Canadian soldiers’ experiences. The collection is divided chronologically: pre-1914, World War I, World War II, Korea, and Post-Korea (though most materials are from the World War I and World War II eras), and then into collections of documents from individual soldiers. Documents include more than 6,000 letters, and thousands more postcards, photographs, excerpts from personal journals, clippings from local newspapers; scans of personal official documents such as marriage licenses and birth certificates, poems, and some official army documents. Most documents are collected directly from the soldiers and their families, and are often unavailable elsewhere. Though the advanced search function is still in development, a keyword search is available, and the contents of each collection are well summarized making it realatively to find specific types of documents. All images are good quality and enlarge to roughly half-screen size.

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