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Puerto Rico at the Dawn of the Modern Age

Library of Congress, American Memory
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Created at the centennial of the Spanish-American War (1898), this site traces the early history of the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico through first-person accounts, political writings, and histories. The collection consists of 39 Spanish-language political pamphlets, 13 monographs, and one journal that highlight topics such as land, natural resources, relations with Spain, political rivalries, and reform efforts, all published between 1831 and 1929. A brief (200250 word) summary of the item and notes about the author; publication date and place; and repository information accompany each item. The items are written primarily by educated Puerto Ricans of European descent and Americans after the Spanish-American War, and therefore create a history concerned with politics, the military, and foreign relations. For additional primary-source material on Puerto Rico from the Library of Congress, see “Related Resources” and “Cartographic Items,” including 15 maps of Puerto Rico and vicinity dating from 1806 to 1915 and maps from the Spanish-American War. Note that most of the material is in Spanish and has not been translated. The English materials are primarily soldiers’ accounts after 1898 and a few earlier histories of Puerto Rico.

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