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Grands Sites Archeologiques

The French Ministry of Culture and Communication

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This website examines 12 topics in European prehistory and antiquity. Three are especially useful for examining European prehistory and provide interactive, in-depth explorations into prehistoric caves: Cave of Chauvet Pont d’Arc, Cave of Lascaux, and Underwater Archaeology. The Chauvet Cave and the Lascaux Cave sites are organized similarly, centered around a virtual tour of the caves. On the virtual tours, there are about 50 enlargeable images for each cave, accompanied by detailed explanations. These images show the cave paintings, as well as the natural archaeological material in the caves, such as fossils and footprints. The sites also include secondary-source material about the caves’ discovery and archaeological explorations. “Underwater Archaeology” presents a wealth of information on undersea exploration and shipwreck excavation, including secondary-source information on diving suits and underwater excavation sites from prehistory to the present. The site’s opening page is in French, but all three subsites are available in English. Begin by clicking the red “English” icon at the top left of the opening page. The nine additional sites provide mostly secondary-source information, and are not all available in English.

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