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Perseus Art and Archeology

Gregory Crane, Tufts University

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Part of the larger Perseus Digital Library that collects and digitizes texts and artifacts from Ancient Greece and Rome, this large image collection contains more than 33,000 images of Ancient Greek and Roman art, including more than 500 coins, 1,500 vases, 1,400 sculptures, and 500 images of ancient sites and buildings. A good place to start is the “Examples of particular searches in art and archeology” section that provides ready access to famous architectural photographs and vases and serves as an introduction to the keyword search. The main way to access images is through a guided search function for architecture, sites, coins, vases, and sculpture, all of which allow for searching by region and period. After retrieving a catalog record, click on the call number or title of the work to view images. For more detailed information on ancient coins, see Coinage of the Byzantine Empire, an online exhibit featuring images of more than 100 coins from the 6th through 15th centuries. The exhibit and collection are especially strong in showing how coins can chart the transition to Christianity in Byzantine Europe.

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