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Taiwan Documents Project

Taiwan Documents Project
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This site, maintained by “a privately funded, non-partisan entity,” provides full-text access to about 150 documents ranging from 1662 to the present concerning the dispute over Taiwan. It begins with the Treaty between Koxinga and the Dutch Government, and then presents the 1874 Engagement Between Japan and China Respecting Formosa. The bulk of the documents are concentrated in the 20th Century, and include many treaties and declarations surrounding World War II and a large body of U.S. laws and legislative activity regarding Taiwan. The site also contains a lengthy “Executive Summary,” an essay written by the site creators tracing the status of Taiwan’s nationhood from 1895 to the present. It concludes that China has no legal right to claim sovereignty over Taiwan, discrediting the site’s claim to be “non-partisan.” The site does provide 10 journal articles related to the dispute, however, which help maintain a more balanced analysis. In addition, there are 11 current maps of China, Taiwan, and the region, and a glossary of difficult terms relating to state sovereignty. For further primary-source information from a U.S. perspective, see The Beijing-Washington Back-Channel and Henry Kissinger’s Secret Trip to China, and Negotiating U.S. Chinese Rapprochement from the National Security Archive.

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