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Australian Periodical Publications Project, 1840–1845

Australian Cooperative Digitisation Project
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This site presents complete digitized versions of 69 Australian magazines and periodicals first published between 1835 and 1852. They include titles from all over Australia, the Pacific Basin, and the British Empire, though the majority of them hail from New South Wales. The publications can be browsed by date first published, title, topic, or place. The “topic” and “place” sections allow users to get a feel for the type of information included in each publication, as well as the concerns of Australians at the time. Publications address everything from the arts to the economy, from history to sports. Five publications alone are devoted to temperance. The breadth of publications also reflects Australia’s concern for global issues—two journals concern the affairs of the British Empire in Asia and India. For users with a specific research topic, there is a keyword search function for the tables of contents of all the publications and for the full text of two of them. All publications download in PDF format and are easy to read on screen.

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