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American Journeys

Wisconsin Historical Society

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This site presents 180 texts by explorers of North America for a total of more than 18,000 searchable pages. The collection ranges widely in scope and date, including works by early Viking explorers in Canada through journals of 19th-century American explorers. Though the focus of the site is on North American history, most of the documents are accounts by British, French, and Spanish explorers, and include the journals and letters of Christopher Columbus, several works by Jacques Cartier, and five letters and accounts by Mexican explorer Juan de Oņate. All documents are provided in English translation and can be easily downloaded and printed. A good place to begin exploring the site is the “Highlights” section that provides links to specific pages of text documenting important events in North American history—for example, Pocahontas’s rescue of John Smith; and Jacques Marquette and Louis Jolliet’s arrival at the Mississippi from Canada. The site also includes a searchable “Images” section, including more than 750 drawings, maps, photographs, and paintings that accompany the texts.

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