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The British Pathe media company was founded in the 1890s. During the next 80 years, it produced more 3,500 hours of filmed history for the Pathe Gazette, the Pathetone Weekly, the Pathe Pictorial, and Eve’s Film Review. This commercial site presents all of this video footage as well as a number of still photographs, including newsreel clips, photos from the entertainment industry, comedy short films, and much more. The site is most useful as a window into a century of British culture, but it also contains footage from around the world. All footage and stills are searchable by keyword, time period, and format (black-and-white or color, with or without audio.) Although the site is designed to help users purchase its resources, preview versions of all items, marked with the Pathe logo, are available for no charge. To download videos, users must complete a simple registration form and have a working email address.

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