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National Security Archive

National Security Archive, George Washington University

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This archive is dedicated to increasing the availability of U.S. documents declassified by the Freedom of Information Act. In fulfilling this mission, this site contains hundreds of digitized primary-source documents as exhibits, archive projects, and electronic briefing books. The two exhibits are “The Parallel History Project on Cooperative Security”, and “The Cold War International History Project”. The archive projects, listed at the bottom of the page, include “Chile,” “India-Pakistan,” “Japan,” and “Nuclear History.” The archives vary widely in their primary-source content, some including about 30 documents and other offering only descriptions of the project. The best place to find digitized materials is by clicking “Documents” at either the top or the bottom of the page. Here, there are about 100 “Electronic Briefing Books,” divided into 10 sections, containing many documents about Latin America and Nuclear History, and including a section on September 11th. The site’s main page also contains a link to the Digital National Security Archive, which contains thousands of digitized documents but is available for subscribers only.

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