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Canadian Illustrated News

National Library of Canada

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The Canadian Illustrated News was published in Montreal, Canada between 1869 and 1883. Notable for its use of halftone photographs, a process of creating relief engravings from photographs, it produced more than 1,500 halftones in its 14-year run. This site presents 4,000 images, ranging widely in subject. Images portray local, national, and international news, depicting everything from events and people in the Middle East, Asia, and Europe to local industry and agricultural techniques. Especially useful are the groupings of articles and images of the Red River Rebellion and the Franco-Prussian War, accessible from the site’s main page. To get a sense for the overall layout and presentation of the newspaper, the site includes complete copies of the first and last editions. All images enlarge and can be browsed by title, artist, date, and a list of subjects. A limited search function is also included.

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