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Democracy at War: Canadian Newspapers and the Second World War

The Canadian War Museum

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This site presents a searchable database of 144,000 newspaper articles related to World War II. The articles are drawn primarily from several English-language Canadian newspapers, including The Hamilton Spectator (Ontario), The Globe and Mail (Toronto), The Toronto Telegram, and The Toronto Daily Star, as well as from newspapers outside the Canadian borders, such as The New York Times. In order to facilitate browsing this extensive archive, the site is partitioned into several sections: “Canada and the War,” “Operations,” and “The Holocaust.” Each section contains articles grouped under diverse topics that allow users to explore Canada’s view of and participation in the war, as well as a more general perspective on the major campaigns and issues surrounding the war. “Operations,” for example, presents articles on the Burma campaigns, the North African campaign, and the invasion of China. Each topic is preceded by several paragraphs of historical contextualization. “The Holocaust” section is smaller and includes five articles on Germany’s treatment of the Jews. The site provides a comprehensive introduction to World War II through contemporary documents and will be useful to those interested in the political, economic, and social causes and consequences of the war.

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