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World War I Document Archive

Great War Primary Documents Archive, Inc.

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This site presents hundreds of primary-source documents and images from all over the world relating to World War I, with particular emphasis on military, diplomatic, and political dimensions. Government documents are arranged both chronologically and by type, including treaties and convention proceedings from 16 countries. Additional documents include information about the maritime war and the medical front as well as 75 personal reminiscences, including diaries, books, letters, and poems by people of many nationalities. Smaller than the documents section, the site also features images. This section provides outside links to two image archives at the University of Kansas. One provides 1,844 images divided into 15 categories, including heads of state, refugees, and locations. Another, “Medals of the Great War,” provides thumbnail photographs and descriptions of medals divided by country. Though the archive promises to include maps, flags, and printed ephemera, the site has not been updated since July 2001. The site also offers full-text reproductions of more than 50 contemporary and recent books, several of which highlight Chinese and Japanese participation in the war; a biographical dictionary of more than 200 prominent people in the World War I era (500-700 word entries); a bibliographical essay covering more than 100 titles; and approximately 125 links to related sites.

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