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Marxists Internet Archive
Jorn Andersen, Brian Basgen, Chris Croome, Alphonso Pangas, David Walters and a global volunteer cooperative
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Translated into 25 languages, this site presents a wealth of primary-source information on Marxists, Marxist writings, and Marxist history. The more than 2,000 documents are browsable through an index of writers, history, or subjects. The “select author” menu at the bottom of the page links to more than 200 authors, some with one document online, and others, like Che Gueverra, Leon Trotsky, and J. V. Stalin, with additional archival sites devoted to their work. The website started in 1987 as the Marx/Engels Archive, and today more than 1,000 documents are devoted to Marx and Engels alone. For learners new to Marxism, the site offers a “Student’s Section,” accessible from the subject index, that provides an introduction to the site and suggests texts for beginning an investigation into political systems and Marxist theory. This section provides a link to “study guides” for 15 texts by Marx and Engels, which provide questions for classroom discussion and useful links to explanations of key terms. The site is well maintained and clearly states its objective—to “dispel common misconceptions of [Marxist] views on various issues.”

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