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Native American Constitution and Law Digitization Project
University of Oklahoma Law Library and the National Indian Law Library

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This website contains codes, constitutions, treaties, land titles, and Supreme Court decisions relating to the more than 500 Native American tribes in the United States. The bulk of the material lies in the “IRA (Indian Reorganization Act) Era Constitutions and Charters” section with close to 300 documents—primarily corporate charters, constitutions, and bylaws. The site includes the 1936 Composite Indian Reorganization Act for Alaska and 34 20th-century constitutions from selected tribes. For material before the 20th century, the “Treaties” section includes scans of the original Six Nations Treaty of 1794 and the Senekas Treaties of 1797 and 1823. The site also includes a digitized version of Felix Cohen’s 1941 Handbook of Federal Indian Law.

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