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African National Congress, Historical Documents Archive

The African National Congress
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The “Documents” section of the larger African National Congress (ANC) website presents a wealth of primary-source documents—pamphlets, newspaper articles, conference and trial proceedings, press statements, speeches—either produced by members of the ANC or directly concerned with the ANC’s role in the anti-apartheid struggle in South Africa. There are 400 speeches sorted by year, including 300 selected speeches, statements, and writings of Nelson Mandela. There are also roughly 300 documents written by ANC notables Chief Albert Lutuli, Oliver Tambo, and Thabo Mbeki. Additional materials are organized by document type, such as letters, manifestos, or policy documents, or collection, such as “United Democratic Front,” “Famous Speeches,” “Women’s Struggles,” and “Tripartite Alliance,” which includes recent documents addressing the links between the ANC, the South African Communist Party, and the Congress of South African Trade Unions (COSATU). With the documents organized partially by type and partially by subject, this website can feel a bit disorganized, but a keyword search provides easy access to individual documents in this rich archive.

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