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Anthropology Collection Database

Department of Anthropology, California Academy of Sciences

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This site offers a searchable database of 17,000 catalogue entries—more than 8,000 of which are accompanied by photographs—of its anthropological objects collection. The collection is especially strong in materials from the U.S. Southwest, the Pacific Islands, and basketry from California, and the selection of images reflects these strengths. There are also about 150 images from Sub-Saharan Africa and a limited number of images for the Middle East, Europe, and Central and South America. The images are retrieved through a detailed search form, which includes a scroll down menu of the 14 Global Regions covered in the collection and makes browsing the site possible. Entries with images may be filtered from the rest of the catalog by clicking the “Images” box at the bottom left of the search field. Although the images do not enlarge or zoom, the viewing size is sufficient for classroom use, and most include a ruler to indicate the objects’ actual size.

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