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Gertrude Bell Project

Tyne Library, University of Newcastle
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Gertrude Bell, born in England in 1868 and educated at Oxford, spent much of her life traveling and recording her travels through photographs, diaries, and letters. She made two around-the-world voyages, hiked the Alps, and after 1900, spent much of her time traveling through the Arab world. The University of Newcastle Library has undertaken the transcription, digitization, and presentation of her 600 letters, 16 diaries, 7,000 photographs, and 40 packets of miscellaneous documents. Though the site’s introduction indicates that the project is still under construction, most of the information is available. There are close to 1,000 letters, virtually all 7,000 photographs, and 21 years of diaries with numerous entries. Mirroring Bell’s travels, these materials are all presented chronologically. The letters and diary entries begin before Bell is 10 years old and continue until 1926 and 1919, respectively, showing her progression from a child to a student to a seasoned world traveler. The photographs focus especially on Bell’s Middle Eastern travels and include several hundred from her time in Turkey. The site is well-organized, easy to use, and offers a keyword search for the entire site.

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