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The Jean-Baptiste Lully Collection
The University of North Texas, Music Library

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French composer Jean-Baptiste Lully wrote numerous ballets, collaborated with French playwright Molière on comédies-ballets, and is credited with being the prime contributor to the development of French opera in the 17th century. He also worked closely under King Louis XIV, making his work relevant to 17th-century French politics. This site has collected 21 first and second editions of Lully’s works and presents full scores of the original sheet music in PDF format. For each of these scores, the site provides plot summaries, fact sheets, performance histories, information on the volume and edition of the work, and often RealAudio recordings of the music. In addition to this main collection, the site also features secondary source information providing historical context. See especially the section on biographies of 17th-century French notables, and longer biographies of Lully and King Louis XVI. The site also focuses on techniques for printing Lully’s music and on the Ballard family of music printers: it also offers a graphics catalog containing close to 100 images drawn from editions of Lully’s works.

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