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Digital Imaging Project of South Africa

University of Natal
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Between 1960 and 1990, South Africa saw a profusion of anti-apartheid periodicals. Although the white minority that controlled the government created sophisticated mechanisms to monitor and suppress dissent beginning in the early 1960s, anti-apartheid organizations continued to disseminate their message through publications—among them newsletters, pamphlets, bulletins, and newspapers. This site has digitized multiple issues of 43 of these periodicals. Each is accompanied by a paragraph describing basic information, such as circulation and ideological bent, for those unfamiliar with the publication. Ranging from official African National Congress (ANC) publications to newsletters advocating Black Consciousness like Frank Talk, to the official publication of the Inkatha Freedom Party, Clarion Call, the publications present competing platforms and orientations, both political and nonpolitical. The documents are primarily in English, but there are also some in Afrikaans, isiZulu, seTswana, and isiXhosa. All images enlarge, and are readable. In addition, users can browse by title or search the documents by keyword.

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