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The Metropolitan Museum of Art Collections

The Metropolitan Museum of Art

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This site presents 50 highlights from each of the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s 21 curatorial departments, and the entire holdings of the European Paintings collection (more than 2,000 works), for a total of 3,500 images. In addition to European Paintings, the departments include Ancient Near Eastern Art; Arts of Africa, Oceania, and the Americas; Asian Art; Egyptian Art; Greek and Roman Art; Islamic Art; Medieval Art; Photography; and Musical Instruments. A good place for the generalist to begin is the “Director’s Choices” page, which presents 25 highlights from the Met’s entire collection, accompanied by detailed annotations. For more directed viewing, the images can be browsed by department or searched by artist, title, country, date of creation, or keyword. A particularly useful feature of the site is “My Met Gallery,” which allows users to save up to 50 “masterpieces,” if they sign the site’s guestbook—no financial commitment or email newsletter required. For background material, follow the links at the bottom of the site to the “Timeline of Art History,” which provides a comprehensive introduction to world art from 20,000 BCE to 1600 CE, and “Explore and Learn,” which provides in-depth explorations into artists and cultures represented in the collection and resources for teachers.

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