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Noble Qur'an
Muslim Student Association

Understanding Islam has become a growth industry on the web, especially in light of current events. Of the many sites that promote understanding of Islam for Muslims and non-Muslims alike, however, few provide primary sources online. This site, sponsored by the Muslim Student Association (MSA) is... [more]

Website last visited 2007-07-06.

Gertrude Bell Project
Tyne Library, University of Newcastle

Gertrude Bell (1868-1926), the subject of this website, was an archaeologist, mountaineer, diplomat of the Middle East, and world traveler. Bell received a first class degree in Modern History from Oxford University at the age of 20, the first woman to do so. She traveled extensively in Europe and... [more]

Website last visited 2003-01-20.

Internet Medieval Sourcebook
Paul Halsall, University of North Florida and Fordham University

This site is the brainchild of Paul Halsall. It is part of the Internet History Sourcebooks Project, dealing not only with ancient, medieval, and modern Western history, but also with the histories of Africa, China, science,... [more]

Website last visited 2003-01-27.

Atlas Index, USMA Map Library
Department of History, United States Military Academy at West Point

This website offers a stellar digital collection of maps, focusing on important military campaigns in history. The site's database contains more than 450 maps arranged in 18 broad categories. These are organized chronologically, and include "[more]

Website last visited 2003-01-27.

The Islamic Ceramic Museum
Museum of Islamic Ceramics

This website offers an image database of an important Islamic art form: ceramics. The museum is a state institution established in 2000 in the 19th-century palace of a prince of Egypt's former royal family. Images of all 302 pieces of Islamic ceramics, spanning the Islamic period (7th-19th... [more]

Website last visited 2003-03-01.

Ahlul-Bayt Digital Islamic Library Project

Most websites on Islam are founded by Sunni Muslims (see review of The Noble Quran). Islam also includes three Shi`ite sects, the largest being the Twelver Shi`ite sect. This sect dominates Iran, southern Iraq, southern Lebanon, and... [more]

Website last visited 2003-03-01.

The Iranian Oral History Project
Center for Middle East Studies, Harvard University

The Iranian Oral History Project (OIHP) is a rare example of an online oral history database on the Middle East. The project started in 1980, a year after the Islamic Revolution of Iran, with the intention of recording testimonials from individuals who played important roles in Iran's history... [more]

Website last visited 2002-01-04.

Around the World in the 1890s: Photographs from the World's Transportation Commission, 1894-1896
Library of Congress, American Memory

This site features photographs from the World's Transportation Commission (1894-1896). More specifically, the site provides high-quality images of more than 900 photographs taken by the American photographer William Henry Jackson (1843-1942). The title of the site implies that images from all over... [more]

Website last visited 2002-10-28.

Diotima: Materials for the Study of Women and Gender in the Ancient World
Ross Scaife, Editor in Chief

This site was created in 1995 as a resource on women and gender in the ancient Mediterranean. In addition to course and teaching materials, bibliographies, and links to other online sources (some of which are dysfunctional), such as articles, book reviews, databases, and images, there is an... [more]

Website last visited 2004-01-15.

The Threshold Society

This site is crated by the North American branch of the Mevlevi Sufi "tariqa" or order, founded around the practice of Jalal al-Din al-Rumi (d. 1273). The Mevlevis were successful especially in Anatolia (modern-day Turkey), and today are perhaps the most well-known Sufi order outside of the Middle... [more]

Website last visited 2003-10-07.

Internet Ancient History Sourcebook
Paul Halsall, University of North Florida and Fordham University

Last revised in 2002, this site was designed to provide classroom teachers with an extensive, well-organized collection of ancient Mediterranean literary texts and, to a lesser extent, art and archaeological sources. This extensive site includes numerous categories, such as "Legal Texts," as well... [more]

Website last visited 2003-09-09.

The Egyptian Museum
Egyptian Government

Also known as the National Museum, this is an extraordinary treasure house of ancient Egyptian monuments. Although this official website does not do it justice, it contains a valuable image database for classroom use with roughly 200 images of jewelry, sculpture, items from Tutankhamun's tomb, and... [more]

Website last visited 2003-10-03.

University of Haifa Library

This project, established for a course on the History of Ancient and Classical Art at Haifa University in Israel, provides access to information and images of ancient sites in Egypt, Iraq, and Greece. The goal is to help students understand ancient buildings and their construction, especially those... [more]

Website last visited 2003-10-03.

Theban Mapping Project
Theban Mapping Project

This site is an outstanding source of information on ancient Egypt. The website is primarily designed to showcase the sites of excavations and discoveries in the Valley of the Kings, a burial ground for pharaohs of the New Kingdom in ancient Egypt. The Valley of the Kings is part of ancient... [more]

Website last visited 2003-10-03.

Internet Islamic History Sourcebook
Paul Halsall, University of North Florida and Fordham University

This massive database of primary and secondary source material on the Islamic world is a subsidiary to the larger Internet History Sourcebook project. The title is somewhat misleading as the term "Islamic History" usually refers to the history of Islam in the pre-modern period. This sourcebook,... [more]

Website last visited 2003-10-07.

Topkapi Museum
Bilkent University

Few websites offer an archive of visual images of Islamic art--this site is an exception. It provides images of pieces in a collection that once belonged to the powerful Ottoman dynasty. At the height of its power in the 16th century, the Ottoman Empire stretched from North Africa to Iran, the... [more]

Website last visited 2003-10-14.

Map Section Image Database
University of Melbourne Library

These digitized maps are divided into five sections, each of which can be browsed by author, title, date, or area. The headings include "Melbourne Historical," "Other Historical Maps," "The University of Melbourne," and "Walker Collection." The "Walker Collection" can be accessed through both this... [more]

Website last visited 2003-10-21.

The Story of Africa
British Broadcasting Company (BBC)

Who should tell the story of Africa? This crucial question frames the "Living History" section of what is, arguably, one of the most comprehensive websites in African history. The answer to this question, according to the site's creator, seems to be anyone who wishes to study and embrace the... [more]

Website last visited 2003-12-02.

Australian War Memorial
Australian War Memorial, Canberra

This website provides extensive information about the history of Australia at war, through primary and secondary material, as well as information about the memorial itself. Major conflicts covered by this site range from the Anglo-Maori Wars in New Zealand (1860�1866) to the 2003 Iraq War. There... [more]

Website last visited 2003-12-15.

LacusCurtius: Into the Roman World
William P. Thayer

Initiated in 1995, this site has developed into an impressive array of primary and secondary resources on ancient Rome, including photographs of Roman and Etruscan buildings and monuments, Latin inscriptions, topographical texts, maps, classical dictionaries, topical monographs, and links to other... [more]

Website last visited 2004-01-15.

Electronic Text Corpus of Sumerian Literature
The Oriental Institute, Oxford University

This archive makes available transliterations and translations of roughly 400 important texts from ancient Mesopotamia. The archive is not a general anthology of Mesopotamian or cuneiform documents, but rather a focused collection containing only texts that are "literary" in nature, were written in... [more]

Website last visited 2004-01-15.

Avalon Project: Documents in Law, History and Diplomacy
Yale Law School

This site is an actively growing collection of several hundred primary source texts (in translation where necessary) dealing with law, history, and diplomacy from the ancient world to the present, with emphasis on European and United States history from the 18th through 21st... [more]

Website last visited 2004-01-15.

Oriental Institute Museum Photographic Archives
Oriental Institute, University of Chicago

As the sponsor and repository of many archaeological expeditions throughout the 20th century, the Oriental Institute has amassed a large collection of artifacts and other materials. The photographic archive details images from ancient sites and the processes by which they were rediscovered in... [more]

Website last visited 2004-02-17.

Uysal-Walker Archive of Turkish Oral Narrative
Texas Tech University, Special Collections Library

This website is an extremely valuable resource, providing thousands of Turkish folktales collected through oral interviews and translated into English and hundreds of additional primary and secondary sources related to Turkish folklore and folkways. The archive is the result of interviews with... [more]

Website last visited 2004-02-17.

Abdul-Hamid II Collection Photography Archive
Library of Congress

This impressive photography collection contains 1,819 photographs from the Ottoman Empire. Dated from approximately 1880 to 1893, the images--which originated from 51 large-format albums--depict scenes within the borders of modern Turkey, as well as Ottoman holdings in Greater Syria, Greece, and... [more]

Website last visited 2004-02-17.

Great Archaeological Sites
French Ministry of Culture and Communication

This website collects introductions to 15 significant archaeological sites or topics ranging from prehistory to the Middle Ages, each produced by a scholarly team. Of the topics, 12 relate to [more]

Website last visited 2004-02-26.

APIS: Advanced Papyrological Information System
Columbia University

This review also references two additional websites:

University of Michigan Papyrus Collection
University of Michigan

Duke Papyrus Archive
Duke... [more]

Website last visited 2004-03-01.

Internet African History Sourcebook
Paul Halsall

This website contains more than 400 links to a variety of sources in African history. As the site states, the links provide access to a subset of texts drawn from three broader online sourcebooks--an Ancient History... [more]

Website last visited 2004-03-04.

Foreign Relations of the United States, Volume XVII: Near East, 1961-1962
U.S. Department of State

Originally published as a book in 1994, the material on this website is a collection of 314 official and confidential documents circulated within the Kennedy administration between January 1961 and June 1962. All of these documents involve issues concerning the Near East, with special emphasis on... [more]

Website last visited 2004-03-10.

Eternal Egypt
Supreme Council of Antiquities, Egyptian Center for Documentation of Cultural and Natural Heritage (CultNat), and IBM

Created as a joint venture, this impressive archive is presented in English, French, and Arabic. The site uses sophisticated yet easy-to-navigate multimedia presentations to show off 1,557 amazing examples of Egypt's material culture from the last five millennia.

The site has been... [more]

Website last visited 2004-03-10.

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