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Kyoto National Museum
Kyoto National Museum

This site presents items contained in the Kyoto National Museum. The museum, which has one of the most extensive collections of premodern (pre-1800) Japanese and Asian art in the world, has photographed the items in its collection and arranged them into an English-language catalog, thus making the... [more]

Website last visited 2003-01-15.

Digital South Asia Library
American Institute of Indian Studies and Digital South Asia Library, University of Chicago

The information and source materials presented on this site are extremely wide ranging, rare, and occasionally quite specific. Given the amount of content, this specificity should be seen as an asset rather than a drawback.

The visual materials offered by the site can primarily be found in... [more]

Website last visited 2007-05-31.

Urban Dharma, Buddhism in America
Rev. Kusala, Thich Tam-Thien

This is a Buddhist religious site hosted in Los Angeles by an American monk, Rev. Kusala, who was ordained in the Vietnamese Zen (Chan) tradition. The site is designed to introduce contemporary Buddhism to the public and to serve as an informational source. It is supported by an organization called... [more]

Website last visited 2002-11-11.

Mesoamerican Photo Archives
David R. Hixson

This website, created by David R. Hixson, a graduate student in anthropology at Tulane University, provides 100 photographs and information about 11 archaeological sites in Mexico. Sites include Bonampak in... [more]

Website last visited 2003-01-01.

Japanese Text Initiative
University of Virginia, Electronic Text Center, and University of Pittsburgh, East Asia Library

This site makes available the classic texts of Japanese literature. Although a few of the texts are translated into English, most are digitized transcriptions of original Japanese texts. Consequently, the site is especially for scholars who can read Japanese literature in its original... [more]

Website last visited 2003-04-15.

RBI Monetary Museum Galleries
Reserve Bank of India, Bazil Shaikh, Sandhya Srinivasan

This site, sponsored and maintained by the government-run Reserve Bank of India (RBI), was conceptualized and created by two individuals, Bazil Shaikh and Sandhya Srinivasan. Although the site is updated infrequently, there is a significant amount of numismatic information available and it is... [more]

Website last visited 2003-02-01.

International Dunhuang Project
International Dunhuang Project

Since the early 20th century, explorations of the Dunhuang caves and other ancient Silk Road sites have produced tens of thousands of paintings, manuscripts, printed documents, and other historical artifacts. Over the past century these artifacts have been dispersed among museums and private... [more]

Website last visited 2002-11-29.

Chinese Text Initiative
University of Virginia Library

The Chinese Text Initiative (CTI) is an ongoing effort to make texts of the classical Chinese literary canon widely available. CTI is actually a collection of sites, each centered upon a specific text—most of which are from the Tang period (618-907) and earlier. At present, only six texts are... [more]

Website last visited 2003-07-15.

Diotima: Materials for the Study of Women and Gender in the Ancient World
Ross Scaife, Editor in Chief

This site was created in 1995 as a resource on women and gender in the ancient Mediterranean. In addition to course and teaching materials, bibliographies, and links to other online sources (some of which are dysfunctional), such as articles, book reviews, databases, and images, there is an... [more]

Website last visited 2004-01-15.

Indian Ocean History
Sultan Qaboos Cultural Center

The Indian Ocean has been a zone of human interaction for several millennia, boasting a 1,500-year history of active high-seas trade before the arrival of Europeans in 1498. This website seeks to enhance the profile of Indian Ocean history, long neglected relative to the Mediterranean Sea and... [more]

Website last visited 2010-09-20.

Internet Ancient History Sourcebook
Paul Halsall, University of North Florida and Fordham University

Last revised in 2002, this site was designed to provide classroom teachers with an extensive, well-organized collection of ancient Mediterranean literary texts and, to a lesser extent, art and archaeological sources. This extensive site includes numerous categories, such as "Legal Texts," as well... [more]

Website last visited 2003-09-09.

The Egyptian Museum
Egyptian Government

Also known as the National Museum, this is an extraordinary treasure house of ancient Egyptian monuments. Although this official website does not do it justice, it contains a valuable image database for classroom use with roughly 200 images of jewelry, sculpture, items from Tutankhamun's tomb, and... [more]

Website last visited 2003-10-03.

University of Haifa Library

This project, established for a course on the History of Ancient and Classical Art at Haifa University in Israel, provides access to information and images of ancient sites in Egypt, Iraq, and Greece. The goal is to help students understand ancient buildings and their construction, especially those... [more]

Website last visited 2003-10-03.

Theban Mapping Project
Theban Mapping Project

This site is an outstanding source of information on ancient Egypt. The website is primarily designed to showcase the sites of excavations and discoveries in the Valley of the Kings, a burial ground for pharaohs of the New Kingdom in ancient Egypt. The Valley of the Kings is part of ancient... [more]

Website last visited 2003-10-03.

Perseus Digital Library
Gregory Cane, Editor in Chief

This site remains the premier site for accessing the literature and archaeology of ancient Greek culture and now Roman as well. The heart of Perseus' Classics collection contains more than 400 primary texts of Greek and Roman literature. Indeed, the work of no major author regularly studied in... [more]

Website last visited 2003-11-18.

The Story of Africa
British Broadcasting Company (BBC)

Who should tell the story of Africa? This crucial question frames the "Living History" section of what is, arguably, one of the most comprehensive websites in African history. The answer to this question, according to the site's creator, seems to be anyone who wishes to study and embrace the... [more]

Website last visited 2003-12-02.

LacusCurtius: Into the Roman World
William P. Thayer

Initiated in 1995, this site has developed into an impressive array of primary and secondary resources on ancient Rome, including photographs of Roman and Etruscan buildings and monuments, Latin inscriptions, topographical texts, maps, classical dictionaries, topical monographs, and links to other... [more]

Website last visited 2004-01-15.

Vindolanda Tablets Online
Center for the Study of Ancient Documents, Oxford University

The Roman auxiliary fortress at Vindolanda behind Hadrian's Wall in Britain has yielded one of the most dramatic discoveries of Latin texts in the past century. Excavation of the fort, beginning in 1970, yielded around 1,000 wooden writing tablets discarded by departing troops and preserved in the... [more]

Website last visited 2004-01-15.

Aquae Urbis Romae: The Waters of the City of Rome
Katherine Wentworth Rinne, Project Director

This website presents the natural waterworks of Rome, as well as those built by humans, in a flexible viewing environment. Dozens of hydrologic features--the Tiber River, springs, fountains, imperial baths, bridges, aqueducts, and more--can be plotted by date and mapped as flat charts or in 3-D,... [more]

Website last visited 2004-02-18.

Virtual Catalog of Roman Coins
Professor Robert W. Cape, Jr.

This website makes a fine supplement to lessons on Latin, Roman history, art, and religion. It offers 1,200 images of coins searchable by chronology (155 BCE-423 CE), iconography, inscription, or issuer. Some educational suggestions, though not complete, give good ideas on how to teach from the... [more]

Website last visited 2004-02-18.

Great Archaeological Sites
French Ministry of Culture and Communication

This website collects introductions to 15 significant archaeological sites or topics ranging from prehistory to the Middle Ages, each produced by a scholarly team. Of the topics, 12 relate to [more]

Website last visited 2004-02-26.

APIS: Advanced Papyrological Information System
Columbia University

This review also references two additional websites:

University of Michigan Papyrus Collection
University of Michigan

Duke Papyrus Archive
Duke... [more]

Website last visited 2004-03-01.

Vatican Library

The Vatican Library online? The very idea makes a teacher's heart beat faster, but this site, alas, is not a mirror of the Vatican's extensive holdings. The site was based on a Library of Congress exhibit and reflects its origins. It is divided into nine sections, including archaeology,... [more]

Website last visited 2004-03-04.

Ancient City of Athens
Kevin T. Glowacki and Nancy L. Klein, Indiana University, Bloomington

This website provides a digitized collection of 576 photographs of archaeological sites and architectural remains from ancient Athens taken by the authors. The high quality photographs can be used any number of ways, but the interface--using text descriptions to access the images--makes finding... [more]

Website last visited 2004-03-04.

Early Photography in Greece and the Mediterranean
Getty Museum

This website presents 200 photographs of sculpture and archaeology primarily from the classical era. The photos are invaluable for any introduction to classical Greece, especially lectures that seek to place archaeology in a historical context. These images do not have the detail or all the angles... [more]

Website last visited 2004-03-04.

Eternal Egypt
Supreme Council of Antiquities, Egyptian Center for Documentation of Cultural and Natural Heritage (CultNat), and IBM

Created as a joint venture, this impressive archive is presented in English, French, and Arabic. The site uses sophisticated yet easy-to-navigate multimedia presentations to show off 1,557 amazing examples of Egypt's material culture from the last five millennia.

The site has been... [more]

Website last visited 2004-03-10.

Internet Sacred Text Archive (ISTA)
J.B. Hare

This archive is a repository for public domain materials relating to religions, myths, and folklore worldwide. This is an excellent source for teachers and student reports that might involve the Torah, [more]

Website last visited 2004-04-01.

African Voices
Smithsonian, National Museum of Natural History

This website presents a wonderful set of historical and contemporary images and accompanying text that survey African history and culture. The breadth and quality of the material goes a long way toward achieving the stated goal of exploring Africa's striking diversity and long history. Roughly 100... [more]

Website last visited 2004-04-08.

Art of Asia
Minneapolis Institute of Arts (MIA)

This site, an integrated, interactive media program, introduces users to the various arts of Asia. The site focuses on MIA's extensive collections of Asian art, focusing on Chinese and Japanese art. Navigation is straightforward and begins on the main page where one can find links to three... [more]

Website last visited 2004-04-22.

René Seindal's Photo Archive
René Seindal

This comprehensive website offers 7,000 "tourist photographs" of prominently Roman sites, primarily in Italy. "Tourist photography" refers to photos from publicly accessible areas of each archaeological site, museum, or building, with multiple angles of individual buildings and sculptures. The... [more]

Website last visited 2004-04-22.

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