Historians have recently taken up the study of how war has affected children. Due to the use of bombs and the high number of civilian casualties, children throughout the country were affected. The website They Still Draw Pictures reproduces a book of the same title that was first published by the Spanish Child Welfare Association of America for the American Friends Service Committee in 1938. The Spanish Board of Education and the Carnegie Institute of Spain collected drawings by school children in Spain and refugees in southern France. This picture was drawn by Mercedes Arèvalo (13), a refugee in France, and shows a child's perspective on the conflict.

Source: Arèvalo, Mercedes. Drawing of bakery scene from Spanish Civil War. They Still Draw Pictures. Mandeville Special Collections Library. University of California at San Diego, http://orpheus.ucsd.edu/speccoll/tsdp/frame.html


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Translation: “Bakery. In their destructive eagerness the savage fascists arrive to fire shrapnel at the bread lines.”