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Let's Go! Support Perestroika!


Mikhail Gorbachev began a parallel program of reform for the Soviet Union: perestroika (reconstruction) and glasnost' (openness). His intention, however, was for a state-directed movement that would keep the Communist Party in firm control. In this poster from 1989, it is clear that the people of the Soviet Union had adopted the cause of reform for themselves. The slogan at the bottom of the poster reads: "Put this where it's not allowed!" The poster is covered with slogans supporting the reforms: "Let's go! Support perestroika! Continue the revolution!" Underneath the image of the average citizen putting his head and arm into the picture, it reads: "Perestroika starts with you! Glasnost' is democracy!" By projecting an image of the reforms separate from the government and challenging authority, this poster demonstrates the success of Gorbachev's transformation of the Soviet Union, even if losing his own role in the process was not his plan.


"Let's Go! Support Perestroika!" courtesy of the Wende Museum, Los Angeles, CA, 1989.

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