The talking animal as realist | The comics page as fantasy world | Approaching sequential panels | The disappearance of the spectator
Mose is an expert promoter: the talking animal plays the same no-nonsense, "bottom line" role as the working-class Kid.
Mose has crossed over into the world of Hogan's Alley from an "Uncle Remus" cartoon by Luks, illustrating the transformation of the strip from a representation of the city into a fantastic space encompassing all of the newspaper's intellectual property.
The horizontally linear composition with its series of rectangular incubator windows prefigures the development of sequential panels.
The indoor setting flattens the pictorial space and erases the ghetto.
The representation of spectators has been confined to a very narrow portion of the cartoon's picture space.

George Luks, "Mose the Great Trained Chicken Runs an Incubator Show," cartoon, World 16 Jan. 1898. Reproduced from microfilm.