A Brief Introduction to This Thread

The above frame contains thumbnail versions of all of the cartoons used as illustrations in this essay, arranged in chronological order. It is intended to serve both as an index to the illustrations and as an alternative way to browse the essay.

Clicking on a thumbnail will load a full-sized version of the illustration into the illustration window. Some illustrations contain annotation layers that can be turned on or off by clicking the links at the top of the illustration window. All illustrations contain links to the passages in the body of the essay which discuss them. These links to the essay will load the relevant portions of the text into the bottom frame of the main window. Thus by loading an illustration and then following its links, it is possible to use the bottom textual frame as a gloss on the images appearing in the upper graphical frame.

If you wish to return to the main table of contents, scroll the upper frame all the way to the left and click on "Return to Table of Contents."