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Viewing the Films

Although the text and still images in this article can be viewed with all of the major Web browsers (e.g., Netscape 2.x and Internet Explorer 2.x and up), this presentation also makes extensive use of the digital film collections at the Library of Congress. Consequently, your computer may require additional software to view the video files. When a film is available for downloading, it is offered in the following video formats: RealMedia (or RealVideo), QuickTime, and MPEG. For information about video playback, please consult the excellent Web page at the Library of Congress. If you experience difficulty viewing the 56K version of the .rm file, you should try downloading the slower 28.8/33.6 version. If you are using a high speed Internet connection (e.g., ISDN or ethernet) it is recommended that you download the MPEG version. A freeware version of RealVideo player is available at the RealNetworks Web site.

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