Shall We Have a Southern Ireland?

In an editorial on June 27, 1867, the editors of The New York Times compared the situation of the South under Reconstruction with that of Ireland. They argue that Ireland was brought to a state of insubordination by "hostile legislation" and attacks on private property such as those being proposed by the Radical Republicans.

The primal curse of Ireland was the spoliation of its landed property. The right of property is of paramount importance in every civil system. It is hardly too much to say, as many have said, that the great end of government is to shield and secure that right. Certain it is that to the institution of property mankind is indebted for, not only the origin, but the progress of civilization. The people cannot be named who not begin to grow weak and go backward from the day of the first blow upon their property rights.

Source: The New York Times, June 27, 1867.

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