Seminar Spring 2014

Wednesdays, 1.00-3.00PM, RRCHNM Conference Room

March 19: RRCHNM and the digital humanities center


March 26:


Survey Digital Humanities Centers in the US

  • Use the list on Centernet: — Jannelle takes the 1st 30, Anne the next 30, Amanda the rest
  • Do they fit Zorich’s definition – pp 4-5 of the full Survey?
  • Where are they located within their institutional home (library, department etc)?
  • What is their history – founding date, development? (Look at their web sites, search for anything written about them, run the site through the Wayback Machine)
  • Who are the people – have they changed over time?
  • What are the  projects produced by each Center?
  • Enter what you find on this Google Sheet – I haven’t defined any fields yet

Centers past? By my count, 18 of the Centers that Zorich surveyed (p. 48) are not listed on Centernet — do they still exist? Janelle take the first 6, Anne the next six, Amanda the last 6

  • If they still exist, add them to the sheet above
  • If they no longer exist, put them on a second Google Sheet

Meet with Debra Kathman about records of RRCHNM projects

April 2: Build RRCHNM Collecting Site in Omeka (Sheila)

April 9: RRCHNM project case studies

  • Amanda: Zotero
  • Anne: Teaching History
  • Janelle: ECHO

April 16: RRCHNM Project Case Studies

April 23: RRCHNM Project Case Studies

April 30: RRCHNM Project Case Studies

May 7: Presentation to Center

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