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The Mason Historiographiki is a wiki (collaborative website) written and edited by graduate students in history at George Mason University who are preparing for written or oral comprehensive examinations. Only they and their instructors may edit it, but anyone interested in their take on the literature of history is welcome to read. In its initial incarnation, it will focus on twentieth-century United States history.

Instructions for Editors

This historiographiki is composed of two types of entries: topic entries and book entries. Book entries cover individual books, much like book reviews in academic journals. Topic entries cover key events and historiographic debates, providing a framework for the individual books and pointing out areas where more reading must be done.

  1. Choosing books
  2. Adding a book entry
  3. Adding a topic entry

Schrag Syllabus

Schrag Schedule (2012-present)

Schrag Schedule archived (2006-2012)

Sandbox (used for practicing editing)

Note: If you enter changes and save page, only to get a blank page, it may be that you entered special characters that the Wiki software does not like. It does not like smart quotation marks or apostrophes, so use a "straighten quotes" command in a text editor before pasting. It also does not like special ellipsis marks, so type ellipses using spaces and periods.

Do not begin a line with a space character.

United States: 20th Century

  1. Progressivism
  2. World War I
  3. New Deal
  4. World War II
  5. Origins of the Cold War
  6. Anticommunism
  7. Suburbanization
  8. Civil Rights
  9. Great Society
  10. Vietnam
  11. Backlash
  12. Reagan's America
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