HNSOURCE now open for business.

Date: Sat, 20 Mar 1993 00:15:35 CST Reply-To: Medieval History <MEDIEV-L@UKANVM.BITNET> Sender: Medieval History <MEDIEV-L@UKANVM.BITNET> From: LHNELSON --UKANVM <LHNELSON@UKANVM.BITNET> Subject: HNSOURCE now open for business. ANNOUNCEMENT OF HNSOURCE The Department of History and Academic Computer Services of the University of Kansas HNSOURCE under the auspices of The History Network to serve as a centralinformation server for historians. The server presently provides connections toon-line library catalogues through a HYTELNET facility, to some data bases and FTP sites that contain materials relevant to historical studies, as well as a full text document archive, access to world-wide gophers, several works on the use of the Internet, some Gutenberg electronic texts, and other facilities. The History Network intends that HNSOURCE eventually provide connections to allpublic access facilities of use to historians, and to serve as a point of collection for materials that historians wish to share with the public. A bulletin board feature is ready to accommodate calls for papers, conference notices, job announcements and the like. HNSOURCE is a hypertext facility with switching facilities provided by LYNX. It is intended to offer a maximum of ease and simplicity of use, and comments, criticisms, and suggestions may be made to the operators from within the system To reach HNSOURCE: TELNET login: history no password required. Please feel free to browse and copy whatever you wish. We would particularly appreciate your comments and suggestions, as well as pointers to useful sources and sites, and the donation of whatever materials you think might be of use to others. Also, please think of HNSOURCE when you wish to make announcements of any sort, or if you wish to develop a professional electronic service of any kind. The more widely this facility is used, the more useful it will become. Operators: Marc Becker (MABECKER@UKANVM) Department of History University of Kansas Lynn H. Nelson (LHNELSON@UKANVM) Department of History University of Kansas Snailmail: The History Network Department of History 3001 Wescoe Hall University of Kansas Lawrence KS 66045-2130 Lynn_Nelson Department of History University of Kansas