Atomic Veterans History Project

1955 - 2005
Commemorating the 50th Anniversary
of Military Participation
Operation Teapot
Operation Wigwam

Teapot detonation
Teapot Test and Military Observers.

The Atomic Veterans History Project contains over 600 personal narratives about the military duties and memories of US Servicemen who witnessed these atomic and hydrogen weapons tests. Many veterans have sent photos, certificates and newspaper articles which we have added. There are over 500 photos from the recently declassified DOE atomic test films. Over 2500 files (stories, pictures and documents) are posted.

Atomic Veterans are invited to email their personal recollections. Information on researching your atomic military history is provided.

What's New

A master list of declassified video programs about the atmospheric tests from 1945 - 1962 are available by clicking here.

Atomic Test Series and Dates

Atomic Veterans History Project 1997--2005
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