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The Adamic Race: Reply to "Ariel," Drs. Young and Blackie, on the Negro

New York: Russell Brothers, 1868

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and now, being perpetrated so soon after that awful and terrible chastisement, caused God to issue so seemingly barbarous an order to slay the innocent with the guilty. Yet it was done, and done to prevent temptation to evil, and to keep the race free from an unnatural admixture, which would destroy the Jewish nation and render the fulfilment of the prophecies relative to the Redeemer impossible. God is love. He is most merciful, and ever ready to bless and to save ; but beware how you transgress his commands, and know that some of his laws cannot be transgressed with impunity. Yea, there are acts which are unpardonable, and miscegenation is one of them. But to return to Dr. Young. He says the "Ethiopian" eunuch was a negro. We say that Ethiopian is here used as a generic term, and does not necessarily mean a negro or black man. In King Solomon's time Ethiopia was a kingdom in Arabia, and not peopled then, nor at any other time, by negroes, but by Arabs of the Adamic race. The Queen of Sheba was from an adjoining province. The Ethiopians of Africa are jet black, and live on the Upper Nile above the second cataract, and were never known in history until after King Solomon's time, in the year 700 B. C. Neither did the in-habitants of that day know anything of' the Mongol, Ma-lay, American Indian or Esquimaux. But if the apostle did have reference to the African Ethiopian of Solomon's time when it was a kingdom, one thousand years later, in the apostle's time, it was a conquered province, governed by Queen Candace, whose subjects were negroes, and Arabs, and Syrians. Amalgamation has nearly exterminated the Ethiopian ; long since they have lost every vestige of nationality, though a far superior race to the Guinea, Congo, Kaffre or Hottentot negro. Their jet black glossy skins, smaller feet and hands, better shaped noses, and greater mental capacity, characterize them as a distinct race. In that day we have shown that the ruling race was not the negro; but the eunuch doubtless was an Ethiopian which "Simon" baptized, though not a negro. Dr. Young


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