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The Adamic Race: Reply to "Ariel," Drs. Young and Blackie, on the Negro

New York: Russell Brothers, 1868

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rence for parties to raid into the surrounding savage tribes, within one hundred miles, and steal boys and girls, and sell them into slavery in their own colony, which is winked at by the officials in consequence of an honest bribe.' Take away all Caucasian influence and stop immigration, and in fifty years Liberia will be side by side with Dahomy and Congo—the mass of them cannibals and snake worshippers!

That Ham's children settled Egypt no one doubts (though many affect to believe they were negroes; and Canaan's, also, were all believed to be black, in consequence of the curse). His descendants settled Tyre and Sidon. But "Ariel's" proofs are too strong to resist ; all history, the unveiling of millions of mummies, and the sculptures on the temples and sarcophagii, prove the identity of the race then to be as distinct as now, and that the ruling race was white, and the descendants of Ham.

The miscegenation of Shem's descendants with Mongols, no doubt, gave rise to the Bedouin Arabs. and Turko-Syrian hybrids—and the same between the Arab, Turk and Ethiopian, produced the Abyssinian of the present day. The two sons of Canaan (Heth and Sidon) settled the east coast of the Mediterranean Sea, and built the cities of Tyre and Sidon, from whence King Solomon obtained much of his material for the temple, and more of mechanical skill and science from Hiram Abiff. But that they were negroes, as Dr. Young, Dr. Blackie, Bascomb, Pritchard, Humboldt and others believe, is simply absurd, untenable, unscriptural and false.

Carthage was a colony from Tyre, and "Ariel" gives an elegant extract from history, of undoubted authenticity : "That, after the battle of Zama, Carthage was invested by the Roman fleets and armies so closely that the inhabitants were reduced to the point of starvation. To obtain supplies of provisions they built ships to run the blockade, and when -done, they could find no material from which to make the ropes to rig the vessels. In this emergency the noble and and patriotic ladies cut off their fine flowing locks of hair


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