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The Adamic Race: Reply to "Ariel," Drs. Young and Blackie, on the Negro

New York: Russell Brothers, 1868

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cities which formed the centres of commerce for ages, and finally gave rise to Carthage, whose prowess and wealth had well nigh crushed the Roman Empire in its embryo state. The name of Egypt, in the Coptic and Arabic languages, is Mezr; in Greek it is called Aiguplos; in Latin Egyptus—sometimes called the land of Chimi, (the land of Ham.) Psalms, v. 28.

The Copts now in Egypt are hybrids from Mongol and Caucasian admixture. The Egyptians have not ruled their country since the battle of Actium, when Augustus Caesar made it a Roman province. Since that century it has been governed by the Turks, who as a nation are much de-generated by miscegenating with Circassians, Georgians, Persians and Arabs; but the greatest curse on the Turk is his amalgamation with the Ethiopian, Nubian and Copt, which will soon reduce the nation to the point of extinction.

Egypt gives us the oldest relics of ancient art, which run back 3,500 years before Christ; and on the oldest monuments the black negro, the olive Mongol, and the Adamic race are sculptured and painted as perfect in typo as if done yesterday 1 Who can doubt the difference in the species of man when over 5,000 years exhibit him as unchangeable?

The lion. J. Brooks recently, in a speech delivered in Congress, said of the negro, " that four thousand years ago he was exactly what he is now, and what he over will be, save as he comes in contact with the civilization of the superior race," as was the case with the slaves brought from Africa to the Southern States of America. In 200 years they were raised from savage cannibalism to an advanced scale of intelligence and moral perceptions equal to their full mental capacity—constituting them " the happiest four millions of negroes on the globe." But their status is now changed, and in filly years they will sink into the same state of barbarism the Jamaica negroes have reached in thirty-five years, with all the fostering care of the British


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