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The Adamic Race: Reply to "Ariel," Drs. Young and Blackie, on the Negro

New York: Russell Brothers, 1868

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government, aided by a full corps of missionaries, who have labored in vain to keep them from idol worship. At this time more than half of them, either publicly or secretly, worship snakes or other objects equally disgusting. But to return to Mr. Brooks—he says, " The Egyptians, whose genius created the pyramids, the sphynx, the obelisk ; the Carthaginians, whose soldiers under Hannibal surmounted the then horrid Alps, rolled over the Campagna of Rome and the plains of Capua; the Roman, whose arms and whose arts embraced the whole world—all have brought their civilization and their arts before the negro race, but all, all in vain. The church and holy foundations in Carthage, in Cyrene, in Alexandria, throughout all Egypt, and far, far up the Nile, and ascetics from Upper Egypt, clothed in the wild raiment of the Baptist, wandered forth clothed in sheep skins and goat skins, and dwelt in deserts and on mountains, in dens and in caves, to bring the negro to Christ, but all in vain. Pagan, savage and cannibal--even the negro in his own native home for thousands of years has defied all civilization, all Christianity, and is only improved when in close individual contact with the superior race. It is then the negro is improved or improvable. He clings to his gris-grisjujus fetishism with as much pertinacity as he did one hundred years ago. But a wonderful imitative genius is that of the negro; it displays itself surprisingly in music and culinary arts, when associated with the white man. The negro, through his faculty of imitation, becomes in many occupations almost equal to the white man ; but when loft to himself—to his own guidance-as in Hayti and Jamaica, or in Africa, he returns to his barbaric tastes and serpent worship." Notwithstanding all the attempts to Christianize them in Liberia and Sierra Leone, they are worse than they were twenty years ago. It is only by the continued immigration of the more intelligent Negroes of the United States, in immense numbers, that Liberia is kept from anarchy and the most revolting barbarism.

I am credibly informed that it is a very common occur-


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