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The Adamic Race: Reply to "Ariel," Drs. Young and Blackie, on the Negro

New York: Russell Brothers, 1868

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and brought them to the rope makers—the ropes were made, the ships were rigged, the provisions were obtained and the famishing people fed!" "Arid" asks, "what kind of ropes do you suppose the negro's kinky wool would have made ?" In the name of reason and common sense, cease to profane God's name by teaching such contemptible perversions of Bible and profane historical truths, and admit that the Carthaginians were of the Adamic race, and Hiram Abiff belonged to the highest type of man.

Was Cleopatra a negress? The refined, delicate, beautiful and facinating Queen of Egypt a black negress! If so, is it not passing strange and unnatural that she should have captivated and held in thrall the noble, literary, and epicurean Mark Antony--a descendant of Japheth? Impossible! Were all the great, the rich and noble of Egypt, negroes? The millions of mummies lately exhumed and exposed to view "give the lie to the base slander."

Some of these mummies I have seen myself, and can testify to the truth of "Ariel's" personal observation of the cases related by him in proof of it. They were from three to four thousand years old, with fine, long, straight hair, with hands and feet of as delicate a mould as any son or daughter of Adam ; and further, a nose (as Sterne says) that would have done honor to a king; all these attributes, with every other appendage to fill up the most perfect con-figuration of a Caucasian body. Were they negroes? No sane man or woman, who has examined the subject without prejudice, believes it—no, not one.

"Arid" also gives a very beautiful and interesting description of one of these mummies, which he assisted in unrolling or divesting of its preservative envelope. It was enclosed in a marble sarcophagus or coffin, and buried six miles east of Cairo, in Egypt. She was a daughter of the high *priest of On, and an attendant on the princesses of the court of King Thotmes the 3d, who is acknowledged to be the Pharaoh who governed Egypt when Moses and Aaron brought the children of Israel from thence to the land of


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