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The Adamic Race: Reply to "Ariel," Drs. Young and Blackie, on the Negro

New York: Russell Brothers, 1868

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by expelling the moisture from the pores of the wood and then filling it with creosote and carbolic acid at a high temperature, so as to render it indestructible. We have seen them nearly 4,000 years old, and as sound as if made yesterday.


DR. YOUNG'S labored argument to prove that "nachash" meant serpent in Hebrew, ophis in Greek, and serpens in Latin, is literally true, but certainly not applicable. It is like his quotation to prove "Simon" (the Canaanite) and the "Ethiopian" eunuch to be negroes! The Bible does not say they were negroes. Simon was a descendant of Canaan ; but Sidon and Heth were perfect in their generation before Canaan was cursed. We have no Bible account of what the nature of that curse was. It could not have been for the crime of witnessing the nakedness of his grandfather (for he was not there), and we have conclusively shown that Ham, who was the offender, is not the progenitor of the negro, because all the relics of his descendants are proved positively to be of Adamic origin; but it most probably was in consequence of an express violation of the law of God in regard to keeping his genealogy pure, which he did not do. After the birth of Heth, his second son, we find his descendants under the curse of God everywhere. The Israelites were ordered to exterminate them, men, women and children I The order was so positive, that the Jews were severely punished for showing mercy in some instances, during the awful and indiscriminate slaughter of the doomed inhabitants.

But "Simon" was a Canaanite and a descendant of Sidon and Heth, who were of pure Adamic blood. The other children of Canaan were doubtless mulattoes. His sin was one of the greatest in the whole catalogue; one which brought on the destruction of all things by the flood;


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