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Moses: A Story of the Nile

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Its fearful test. And then she would tell us Of a promise, handed down from sire to son, That God, the God our fathers loved and worshiped, Would break our chains, and bring to us a great Deliverance; that we should dwell in peace Beneath our vines and palms, our flocks and herds Increase, and joyful children crowd our streets ; And then she would lift her eyes unto the far Off' hills and tell us of the patriarchs . Of our line, who sleep in distant graves Within That promised land ; and now I feel the hour Draws near which brings deliverance to our race.


These are but the dreams of thy young fancy ; I cannot comprehend thy choice. I have heard Of men who have waded through slaughter To a throne; of proud ambitions, struggles Fierce and wild for some imagined good ; of men Who have even cut in twain the crimson threads That lay between them and a throne ; but I Never heard of men resigning ease for toil, The splendor of a palace for the squalor Of a hut, and casting down a diadem To wear a servile badge.

Sadly she gazed Upon the fair young face lit with its lofty Faith and high resolves—the dark prophetic eyes Which seemed to look beyond the present pain

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