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Moses: A Story of the Nile

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Unto the future greatness of his race. As she stood before him in the warm Loveliness of her ripened womanhood, Her languid eyes glowed with unwonted fire, And the bright tropical blood sent its quick Flushes o'er the olive of her cheek, on which Still lay the lingering roses of her girlhood. Grief, wonder, and surprise flickered like shadows O'er her face as she stood slowly crushing With unconscious hand the golden tassels Of her crimson robe. She had known life only By its brightn, and could not comprehend The grandeur of the young man's choice; but she Felt her admiration glow before the earnest Faith that tore their lives apart and led him To another destiny. She had hoped to see The crown of Egypt on his brow, the sacred Leopard skin adorn his shoulders, and his seat The throne of the proud Pharaoh's ; but now her Dream had faded out and left a bitter pang Of anguish in its stead. And thus they parted, She to brood in silence o'er her pain, and he To take his mission from the hands of God And lead his captive race to freedom. With silent lips but aching heart she bowed Her queenly head and let him pass, and he Went forth to share the fortune of his race, Esteeming that as better far than pleasures Bought by sin and gilded o'er with vice.

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