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Moses: A Story of the Nile

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And he had chosen well, for on his brow God poured the chrism of a holy work And thus anointed he has stood a bright Ecsample through the changing


It was a great change from the splendor, light And pleasure of a palace to the lowly huts Of those who sighed because of cruel bondage. As he passed Into the outer courts of that proud palace, He paused a moment just to gaze upon The scenes 'mid which his early life had passed— The pleasant haunts amid the fairest flowers, The fountains tossing on the air their silver spray,-- The statues breathing music soft and low To greet the first faint flushes of the morn,-- The obelisks that rose in lofty grandeur From their stony beds—the sphynxes gaunt and grim, With unsolved riddles on their lips—and all The bright creation's painters art and sculptors Skill had gathered in those regal halls, where mirth, And dance, and revelry, and song had chased With careless feet the bright and fleeting hours.

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