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Moses: A Story of the Nile

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He was leaving all ; but no regrets came Like a shadow o'er his mind, for he had felt The quickening of a higher life, as if his Soul had wings and he were conscious of their growth And yet there was a tender light in those Dark eyes which looked their parting on the scenes Of beauty, where his life had been a joyous Dream enchanted with delight; but he trampled On each vain regret as on a vanquished foe, And went forth a strong man, girded with lofty Purposes and earnest faith. He journeyed on Till palaces and domes and lofty fanes, And gorgeous temples faded from his sight, And the lowly homes of Goshen came in view. There he saw the women of his race kneading Their tale of bricks ; the sons of Abraham Crouching beneath their heavy burdens. He saw The increasing pallor on his sisters cheek, The deepening shadows on his mother's brow, The restless light that glowed in Aaron's eye, As if a hidden fire were smouldering In his brain ; and bending o'er his mother In a tender, loving way, he said, " Mother, I've come to share the fortunes of my race, To dwell within these lowly huts,—to wear The badge of servitude and toil, and eat The bitter bread of penury and pain." A sudden light beamed from his mother's eye, And she said, " How's this, my son ? but yesterday

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