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Moses: A Story of the Nile

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Two Hebrews, journeying from On to Goshen, Told us they had passed the temple of the Sun But dared not enter, only they had heard That it was a great day in On ; that thou hadst Forsworn thy kindred, tribe and race; hadst bowed Thy knee to Egypt's vain and heathen worship; Hadst denied the God of Abraham, of Isaac, And of Jacob, and from henceforth wouldst Be engrafted in Pharaoh's regal line, And he called the son of Pharaoh's daughter. When thy father Amram heard the cruel news He bowed his head upon his staff and wept. But I had stronger faith than that. By faith I hid thee when the bloody hands of Pharaoh Were searching 'mid our quivering heart strings, Dooming our sons to death ; by faith I wove The rushes of thine ark and laid thee 'mid The flags and lilies of the Nile, and saw The answer to that faith when Pharaoh's daughter Placed thee in my arms, and bade me nurse the child For her; and by that faith sustained, I heard As idle words the cruel news that stabbed Thy father like a sword." "The Hebrews did not hear aright ; last week There was a great day in On, from Esoan's gate Unto the mighty, sea ; the princes, lords And chamberlains of Egypt were assembled ; The temple of the sun was opened. Isis

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