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Moses: A Story of the Nile

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And Osiris were unveiled before the people; Apis and Orus were crowned with flowers; Golden censers breathed their fragrance on the air; The sacrifice was smoking on the altar; The first fruits of the Nile lay on the tables Of the sun: the music rose in lofty swells, Then sank in cadences so soft and low Till all the air grew tremulous with rapture. The priests of On were there, with sacred palms Within their hands and lotus leaves upon their Brows ; Pharaoh and his daughter sat waiting In their regal chairs ; all were ready to hear Me bind my soul to Egypt, and to swear Allegiance to her gods. The priests of On Drew near to lay their hands upon my head And bid me swear, `Now, by Osiris, judge Of all the dead, and Isis, mother of us All,' that henceforth I'd forswear my kindred, Tribe and race; would have no other gods Than those of Egypt; would be engrafted Into Pharaoh's royal line, and be called The son of Pharaoh's daughter. Then, mother Dear, I lived the past again. Again I sat Beside thee, my lips apart with childish Wonder, my eager eyes uplifted to thy Glowing face, and my young soul gathering Inspiration from thy words. Again I. heard Thee tell the grand traditions of our race, The blessed hopes and glorious promises

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