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Moses: A Story of the Nile

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That weave their golden threads among the sombre Tissues of our lives, and shimmer still amid The gloom and shadows of our lot. Again I heard thee tell of Abraham, with his constant. Faith and earnest trust in God, unto whom The promise came that in his seed should all The nations of the earth be blessed. Of Isaac, Blessing with disappointed lips his first born son, From whom the birthright had departed. Of Jacob, With his warm affections and his devious ways, Flying before the wrath of Esau ; how he lumbered in the wild, and saw amid his dreams A ladder reaching to the sky, on which God's Angels did descend, and waking, with a solemn Awe o'ershadowing all, his soul exclaimed, `How Dreadful is this place. Lo ! God is here, and I Knew it not.' Of Joseph, once a mighty prince Within this land, who shrank in holy horror From the soft white hand that beckoned him to sin ; Whose heart, amid the pleasures, pomp and pride Of Egypt, was ever faithful to his race, And when his life was trembling on its frailest chord lie turned his dying eyes to Canaan, and made His brethren swear that they would make his grave Among the patriarchs of his line, because Maehpelah's cave, where Abraham bowed before The sons of Heth, and bought a place to lay His loved and cherished dead, was dearer to his Dying heart than the proudest tomb amid The princely dead of' Egypt.

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