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Moses: A Story of the Nile

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Then, like the angels, mother dear, who met Our father Jacob on his way, thy words Came back as messengers of light to guide My steps, and I refused to be called the son Of Pharaoh's daughter. I saw the priests of On Grow pale with fear, an ashen terror creeping O'er the princess' face, while Pharaoh's brow grew Darker than the purple of his cloak. But I Endured, as seeing him who hides his face Behind the brightness of his glory. And thus I left the pomp and pride of Egypt To cast my lot among the people of my race."


The love of Moses for his race soon found A stern expression. Pharaoh was building A pyramid ; ambitious, cold and proud, He scrupled not at means to gain his ends. When he feared the growing power of Israel He stained his hands in children's blood, and held A carnival of death in Goshen ; but now He wished to hand his name and memory Down unto the distant ages, and instead Of lading that memory with the precious Fragrance of the kindest deeds and words, he Essayed to write it out in stone, as cold

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