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Moses: A Story of the Nile

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And hide our wrath in every nerve, and only Wait a fitting hour to strike the hands that press Us down. Then came the officers of Pharaoh ; They trod as lords, their faces flushed with pride And insolence, watching the laborers Sadly wending their way from toil to rest. And Moses' heart swelled with a !nighty pain ; sadly Musing, he sought a path that led him From the busy haunts of men. But even there The cruel wrong trod in his footsteps ; he heard A heavy groan, then harsh and bitter words, And, looking back, he saw an officer Of Pharaoh smiting with rough and cruel hand An aged man. Then Moses' wrath o'erflowed His lips, and every nerve did tremble With a sense of wrong, and bounding forth he Cried unto the smiter, " Stay thy hand ; seest thou That aged man ? His head is whiter than our Desert sands; his limbs refuse to do thy Bidding because thy cruel tasks have drained Away their strength." The Egyptain raised his eyes With sudden wonder; who was this that dared dispute His power? Only a Hebrew youth. His Proud lip curved in scornful anger, and he Waved a menace with his hand, saving, "back To thy task base slave, nor dare resist the will Of Pharaoh." Then Moses' wrath o'erleaped the bounds

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