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Moses: A Story of the Nile

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Of prudence, and with a heavy blow he felled The smiter to the earth, and Israel had One tyrant less. Moses saw the mortal paleness Muse the flushes from the Egyptian's face, The whitening lips that breathed no more defiance, And the relaxing tension of the well knit limbs; And when he knew that. he was dead, he hid Him in the sand and left him to his rest.

Another day Moses walked Abroad, and saw two brethren striving For mastery ; and then his heart grew full Of tender pity. They were brethren, sharers Of a common wrong : should not their wrongs more Closely bind their hearts, and union, not division, Be their strength? And feeling thus, he said, "ye Are brethren, wherefore do ye strive together?" But they threw back his words in angry tones And asked if he had come to judge them, and would Mete to them the fate of the Egyptian ? Then Moses knew the sand had failed to keep His secret, that his life no more was safe In Goshen, and he fled unto the deserts Of Arabia and became a shepherd For the priest of Midian.

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