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Moses: A Story of the Nile

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Must reach its grand fruition, and Israel's Great deliverance dawn. It happened thus: One day, as Moses led his flocks, he saw A fertile spot skirted by desert sands, A pleasant place for flocks and herds to nip The tender grass and rest within its shady nooks ; And as he paused and turned, he saw a bush with fire Aglow ; from root to stem a lambent flame Sent up its jets and sprays of purest light, And yet the bush, with leaves uncrisped, uncurled, Was just as green and fresh as if the breath Of early spring were kissing every leaf. Then Moses said I'll turn aside to see This sight, and as he turned he heard a voice Bidding him lay his sandals by, for Lo ! he Stood on holy ground. Then Moses bowed his head Upon his staff and spread his mantle o'er His face, lest he should see the dreadful majesty Of God ; and there, upon that lonely' spot, By Horeb's mount, his shrinking hands received The burden of his God, which bade him go To Egypt's guilty king, and bid him let The oppressed go free.

Commissioned thus He gathered up his flocks and herds and sought The tents of Jethro, and said "I pray thee Let me go and see if yet my kindred live; And Jethro bade him go in peace, nor sought To throw himself across the purpose of his soul.

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